Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019

CJ wants more men to fight against crime

CJ wants more men to fight against crime
12 Feb

Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson is appealing to men to take a more active role in the fight against crime.

The Chief Justice is tired of seeing young men on the court pages of the country's newspapers, charged with criminal offences.

During the Barbados Boy Scouts Association's award ceremony, Sir Marston, who is also the chief scout, expressed concern about the number of men involved in crime.

He believes associations like the scouts play a vital role in the fight.

Meanwhile scout commissioner, Dr Nigel Taylor praised the efforts of scout leaders.

He says amid the country's financial issues, the Boy Scout's Association will embark on a rebranding program to improve the association's standard.

A number of top scouts were awarded for their efforts amid calls for other men to join the movement.